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We let men buy custom shirts without leaving their homes.

Our Story

We're on a mission to make buying custom shirts hassle-free for men.

Since our inception in 2014, we strive to make perfectly crafted custom shirts to make men feel and look great. Today, Custom Tribe is born out of the belief that every man deserves custom clothing made to fit him exclusively.

We are engineers and problem solvers. We spent over a year developing our proprietary algorithms that learn with every fitting, to fundamentally solve the fit issue in custom. We care a lot about functionality and utility, hence in curating timeless elegant fashion for men.

We want to eliminate sore feet and wasting hours trying to shop in the mall. We think a great shirt is a modern day man's armor. We're here to take care of how you look so you can take on the world.

We're competitive and never complacent. We're on a constant look out for ways to better serve our clients. We aspire to be the best in what we do. Join us in our journey of custom.

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