3 Style Tips to Show Off Your Muscular Build

We know what it’s like. Months of killer bench presses, dead lifts and curls. Stuffing yourself with chicken—only the lean parts, thank you very much, and hold the mayo please. Now you look like Chris Evans, and you’re looking for a new wardrobe to look the part. Here are 3 style tips to rock that Captain America look.

Credit: Marvel Studios

1. Stay Away From Too Skinny

Those pecs are hard work so go one size down to show them off, but just be mindful to not to go overboard. This tip especially applies to jeans and pants—nobody wants overstuffed sausages for legs. Bonus tip: go for a stretchy material that helps to accommodate bulk.

2. Go Back to Basic

If you’ve already got a muscular build, focus on basic shirts. Let your body do all the talking, not the word “dope” emblazoned across your rippling chest. Neutral colours work well, and stick to subtler patterns.

3. Get a New Best Friend

We don’t mean that you should necessarily ditch the friends who skip leg day (hi Marcus!), but chances are regular clothes will be too tight at the top, and you’ll be left with a billowing waist area if you size up. Make your tailor or custom shirt maker your new best friend. The best part about custom? It’s literally made just for you.


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