Choosing Your Collar

Wondering which collar to pick for your first custom shirt? Let us help in 60 seconds!

Introducing four collar styles suitable for all occasions in life:

English Cutaway, Classic Spread, Classic Point, and Button Down.


1. The English Cutaway

Custom Tribe English Cutaway Collar

The Custom Tribe English Cutaway Collar

Our widest collar spread. Most formal  collar choice.

  • Great for slender or longer faces
  • Works well with bigger tie knots (e.g. Windsor knot)
  • European feel


2. Our Classic Spread

Custom Tribe Classic Spread Collar

Our Classic Spread Collar

The collar that works for everyone, anywhere.

  • Our most popular collar choice
  • Works well with most tie knots, all face types
  • You simply can’t go wrong with the Classic Spread!


3. The Classic Point

Custom Tribe Classic Point Collar

The Classic Point Collar

Just like our Classic Spread, with a narrower collar spread.

  • Great for rounder and fuller faces
  • Works well for formal wear


4. The Button Down

Custom Tribe Button Down Collar

The Button Down Collar

The least formal collar choice. Essentially a Classic Point with Buttons.

  • Least formal by British standard
  • Great for smart-casual / casual setting


At Custom Tribe, our dress shirt collars are crafted to perfection with fused double-layer interlining. In short, they stay up crisp and firm even after 20 washes. All our dress shirt collars measure 2.5″ in point length.


Custom Tribe is a custom shirt maker. We strive to make high quality, custom fitted shirts accessible for everyone. Custom your shirts from the comfort of your home at

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