Nigel Chin: ‘Perseverance. I don’t intend to go absent’

From CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor to host, Nigel talks to us about modeling, perseverance, and what’s next.

Nigel Chin Custom Tribe cover shoot CLEO most eligible bachelor

So how has your career been like thus far, after winning CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor in 2015?

“Well for one, my social media followers sky-rocketed from 2.2k followers to about 4k and I’ve gotten more external job inquiries now as a model, talent, host, social media influencer etc. It has been a blast especially being able to attend events with celebrities who are now my close friends or working with them on a same campaign.”


Nigel on keeping it going in hard times

What keeps you going in hard times? 

Nigel Chin with Custom Tribe casual collection CLEO

“Perseverance. Whenever I feel like there’s nothing left in the industry for me to remain, I remember a wise mentor of mine telling me that it will be really difficult to make a come-back in the industry whenever you take a break or leave. Hence, I don’t intend to go absent.”


Now, what’s next for you?

“I’ve always been trying to work my way to be a TV Host. Whether it may be for a travel documentary, food tasting or to cover for fashion shows. Do give me a holla!”

Nigel Chin Custom Tribe photoshoot white gabardine CLEO

Nigel with the Custom Tribe White Gabardine

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